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In the manufacture of our waterless and hybrid urinals, we rely on sanitary ceramics or glazed titanium steel, which are processed with the highest precision.

Our Econeo urinal group is a design-patented urinal made of glazed and very high-quality titanium steel. A material unique in its properties. It resists acids and scratches, is shatterproof and a lightweight. At the same time, it shines with its high-quality and exceptional appearance.

The urinals of the F-8000 assembly are made of sanitary ware. For a certain extra layer on our product to use, we produce with the Fine Fire Clay manufacturing method. In this way we achieve absolute freedom from spurs. The spore-free surface, with a classic and beautiful high-gloss look, is hygienic, easy-care, extreme resistant and has a long service life.

The center of the waterless system – from a master’s hand

The heart of the waterless, hybrid or self-washing urinals is the odor trap. Whether with our odor traps Magma 1.0., Magma 2.0., Magma 3.0. or the Econstop we already have from the design phase to the product packaging phase internalized 4 essential factors: Easy to use – Perfect economy – Longest service time – Quick availability It is not for nothing that we rely on selective presence on the world market. Our innovative odor traps are based on membrane technology. In order to simplify the various handling of the large number of waterless urinals on the market, we have either adjusted the size of our technologies or have a  specially developed adapter system.

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