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Urinal screen perfectly tailored to your company. Durable urinal screen printed with your brand name included, odor-eliminating substance, 6 fragrances available as well fragrance and color can be customized. Double-sided and thus completely free of splashback.

Free and hygienic drains, prevention of odor formation of organic debris, absolute and deep cleaning up in the detail, natural and effective care of the surfaces. Everything on a microbiological basis.

We have made it our mission to fix the most demanding customer-specific boat ships on our first-class disinfection products and to offer them the best possible quality.

Our urinals made of plastic, high-quality sanitary ware, or enameled steel are processed with the highest precision. It is completely waterless which requires absolutely no flushing valves, or the hybrid, and does not require the shutdown of existing water pipes or the ultimate self-washing, battery-operated Evomix, and does the cleaning completely itself.
-We promise- our products are inspiring!
Regardless of whether the urinal is equipped with or without a display when using our urinals, our products meet the highest standards of quality, cleanliness, design, technology, and durability.

From a master hand…
The heart of the waterless, hybrid, and self-washing urinals!
The innovative odor traps are based on membrane technology. Our advanced Ventli systems are characterized by a very long service life. Provide an easy replacement with or without a service key. Integrated scent or enzyme ring promise not only effective room scenting but also sewer cleaning with every use.

The self-washing urinal rinses with 0.05 liters of super concentrated enzyme cleaner, this is essentially the difference to our hybrid urinal. With both variants, we are of the opinion that the cleaning process should be designed with fewer rinsing periods but with more rinsing volume. Decades of experience underpin our decision to flush with a 3.5 liter volume. When using the enzyme cleaner, the interruption between the rinsing periods helps so that the bacteria can work their way through, especially with the deep-seated residues. Any odor nuisance caused by sewer gases or a blockage in the sewer line is thus eliminated.

By using the latest communication technology, we provide completely new possibilities for plant operators in terms of maintenance, service, and refinancing through income from advertising. Also, we present the unique and target group-specific advertising platform for animated advertising messages and information. Maximum accessibility, quality, and flexibility are ensured by employing a mobile network, WLAN, or Bluetooth. High flexibility, easy handling, and automatic processes create outstanding system properties for high effectiveness and efficiency.

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