It is our mission to develop innovative products to conserve valuable earth resources.
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With cutting edge environmentally friendly products, our focus is to be the most advanced and leading resource-saving technology provider to the commercial washroom sector.
We have to rethink our relationship with water to save this valuable resource. It may be just a urinal cartridge or perhaps a drainage pipe, but even simple proven technologies like these can save thousands of gallons of water. Take a look at our innovations and think of the possibilities.
Every gallon of water saved reduces energy use and the greenhouse gases associated with creation of that energy.
Fragrance dispensers that use greenhouse gases as propellants are a real burden on the environment, so our commercial washroom scenting solutions do not require any propellant. Our cleaning products do not contain any type of chemical cleaning agent and rely entirely on enzyme-based ingredients.
We are committed to making a difference for the wellbeing of society and the environment.
Hayati Toka


Aspire To Make The Difference

Magma 2.0.

A new, innovative and patented valve system for completely waterless or hybrid use. It combines all the requirements for an eco-efficient product. Thanks to the unique technology, the entire structure is very resource-saving and the valve body is made entirely from renewable raw materials.

Magma 3.0.

The centerpiece for Waterless urinals that have previously been sealed with sealing liquid, especially for the USA. The ’Magma 3.0’ model is the only technology with triple protection. This triple protection is the insurmountable barrier between the sewer pipe and the ambient air.

V - Tube

The “V-pipe” is a unique self-sealing waste valve that prevents the escape of polluted waste water air from waste disposal systems and actively maintains the pressure balance in waste facilities. This drain pipe can be attached to any drain.

Waterfree Urinal

Sinaqua Waterless Urinals are less expensive than manual and automatic flush units because flush valves and associated piping are not required. Maintenance costs and vandalism problems associated with flush valves are also eliminated.

Hybrid Urinal

The revolutionary Evomix, you have a permanently predictable cleaning effort that can be individually programmed. This not only reduces workload, but also protects the drainpipes.
This environmentally friendly system does use 3,5 liter per day. You will save considerable costs and labor.


Evosan bioactive cleaner contains 75 million bacterial spores per ml of concentrate, which guarantees cleanliness. The incredible cleaning effect is mainly due to the very high concentration of microorganisms. By breaking down the organic residues, hygiene is significantly increased, and the cause of odor is permanently eliminated.


Evotab is designed for water‐saving, odor control and trouble‐free maintenance of all low‐flush, conventional flushing urinal bowls/troughs and waterless urinal systems. Evotab is biologically active and works by breaking down organic matter, including that found in urine.


Maximum fragrance load to gain absolute performance, the Evoscreen design eliminates 99% of splash. By pressing the pre-marked areas, you can also combine and compliment Evoscreen with Evotab to achieve the maximum possible benefits of both products.


The effect of Evolife microbial products on grease and organic deposits: Once they are applied the enzymes in Evolife institutional products go to work and instantly decompose organic waste. The microorganisms in the formula completely degrade the waste decomposed by the enzymes via biological oxidation. This method transforms the organic wastes predominantly into the end products of carbon dioxide and water.

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